Alan Stamping Corp.
5017 Ritz Road
Marengo, IL 60152

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 Alan Stamping Corp. offers a complete range of secondary operations:

   • Metal Forming, Drawing
   • Metal Finishing: Plating & Heat Treating
   • SPOT Welding
   • Drilling
   • Tapping
   • Punching
   • Staking
   • Reaming
   • Deburring
   • Countersinking

Production Stamping

   • Nine presses with a capacity to 65 ton allows for a wide variety of thickness and material types
   • See our Parts Gallery for a look at some of the quality products we've produced

In-House Tool Room which:

   • provides cost effective temporary and semi - permanent tooling
   • is ideally suited for short to medium production runs ranging from 25 to 25,000 pieces
   • is maintained for life with no additional charge to our customers

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